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How Will I Be Qualified?

An already-qualified Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS must undertake a Practical Assessment to obtain their Level 2/3 STMS warrant. This Level 2/3 Practical on-road assessment involves installing, maintaining and removing Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) on Level 2 and Level 3 Roads. The assessment involves the conduct of various duties associated with being an STMS. This ranges from inductions to TMP review to installation of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) in a practical setting.


Appropriate qualified Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS candidates can undertake this assessment process at any time simply by registering under the purpose-built Traffic Management Academy Practical Assessment Online Portal. The assessment portal was designed to upload all required modules in a PDF format at least 5-10 working days prior to the approved assessment date. It allows for drag and drop functions of the PDF documents and since this is a life system, all work submitted can be viewed immediate by the Assessor to allow for grading and feedback to the applicant of work submitted. 

Link to Register for an STMS 2/3 Practical Assessment:   


NZTA Pre-Requisite to conduct a Level 2/3 Practical On-Road Assessment

  • Candidates must have a current Level 2/3 STMS Non-Practicing (NP) qualification that has not expired.
  • Candidates whose Level 2/3 STMS Non-Practicing (NP) qualification has expired would be required to sit a Level 2/3 Non-Practicing -Refresher course date before attending a Level 2/3 STMS Practical Assessment.


The applicants STMS L2-L3 Practicing qualification expiry date will be valid for the same period as their current STMS L2-L3 NP qualification expiry date, no matter when they actually successfully completed the Assessment process.



What's Included?

Cost @ $740.00 + GST = $851.00 (incl GST) includes,

  • Pre-Assessment meeting with applicant and management to discuss any questions regarding the actual assessment process, online portal registration, or any other question in preparation for the upcoming On-Road Assessment
  • Actual On-Road Assessment (date confirmed)
  • Preparation of Final Results and Report to client and NZTA.
  • NZTA fee @ $40.00 + GST


Cancellation / No Show Terms and Condition:
Once your booking has been confirmed, and anything changes, and you cannot attend the On-Road Assessment date for any reason, we need to receive a cancellation/replacement notification in writing, 48 hours prior to the actual assessment. or a full charge will apply as per our terms and conditions. Exchanges are dependent on the replacement student meeting the required qualification prerequisites.



What Will I Learn?

Modules to Complete for a Level 2/3 STMS Practical Full Assessment (New Applicant)

  • The STMS 2/3 Practical Assessment requirements include four ‘modules’.
  • All documentation must be uploaded through the Traffic Management Academy Assessment Online Portal at least 5 days prior to the actual confirmed assessment date.


Module 1 – ‘probationary’ closures on Level 2/3 Roads (3 closures under the supervision of a qualified Level 2/3 STMS who ‘verifies’ the candidate’s competence.


Module 2 – Theory Questions. Candidates must answer some simple theory questions to verify understanding of some TTM concepts


Module 3 – Check a TMP and make appropriate changes, enhancements or corrections. The candidate must review an approved TMP against company policy and the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM) Edition 4 (July 2015) and suggest necessary changes.


Module 4 – Conduct a Level 2 or 3 closure (on-road) observed by the assessor. The candidate must undertake a Level 2 or 3 closure using an approved TMP whilst observed by the assessor. An already-qualified Level 2/3 STMS must be present within the crew also to act as the qualified person, however the closure is managed and controlled by the candidate.

How Will I Learn?

LINK to Traffic Management Academy (TMA) STMS L2-L3 Practical Assessment Portal for registration and upload of documentation:


Each applicant would need to register on the STMS L2-L3 Practical Assessment Online Portal themselves, as they will be required to choose a user id and password to allow them to log into this system under their own name, and upload their required documents in PDF format at least 5 days prior to the actual Assessment date.


If you need guidance on this process, contact our office on 0800 862 000


Information Required at least 5 days prior to assessment date to provide NZTA notification:

Candidate  1:

Date: .. / … /2017 (Proposed date)  




Candidate Full Name:





Contact our office on or 0800 862 000 if you need assistance in completing this task.  For any technical questions do not hesitate to contact Marius on 022 326 4434.

What Should I Bring?

Company / Applicant to ensure all processes are completed prior to the Assessment date to meet the CoPTTM requirements, including arrangements of date, time, toolbox meeting location, assessment docs, RCA Notifications, Compliant Vehicles and Tools, TMP's, STMS's, ect. Non-compliance of any part of the STMS 2/3 On-Road Assessment as per CoPTTM, will result in a "not yet competent" result and a full charge will be incurred. 

If anything changes and you cannot attend the course date for any reason, we need to receive cancellation/replacement notice 48 hours prior to the course date.
Otherwise, a full charge will apply as per our terms and conditions. Exchanges are dependent on the replacement student meeting the required qualification prerequisites.

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